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Pure Imagination - A Weekly Prompt Community
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The Storyteller’s Creed :

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, That myth is more potent than history, That dreams are more powerful than facts, That hope always triumphs over experience, That laughter is the only cure for grief, And I believe that love is stronger than death. —Robert Fulghum

Welcome to Pure Imagination. This is a challenge community for both fanfiction and orginal fiction, because there can never be too many of those in live journal.

There are only a few rules, and they are as follows:

X No incest, no underage sex (anyone under 16), and no Real People Fiction. There are many great communities out there that allow them, but this isn't one of them.

X Slash, het, gen, crossovers are welcome. I only ask that you label stories that contain warnings. Non-con, rape, character death, etc. So those that do not wish to read those will know in advanced that the story contains it.

X There will be a challenge every week. The challenge might be a phrase, a word, a picture, or a quote. There are no word limits, nor time constraints to the challenges. Anything from a 100 word drabble to an epic are allowed and encouraged.

X All past challenges are available for writing. This community is to spark the imagination and hopefully help with writer's block.

X Original Fiction should be placed behind a FLOCK if future publication is desired.

X Subject Line should look like this: Title, Fandom, Genre, Rating

X Please put the following on each fic:

Title: Title of Fic Goes Here
Fandom/Original: Fandom/Or Original World Goes Here. If a crossover, both fandoms should be listed
Genre: Slash/Het/Gen/Crossover Goes Here
Characters: The Characters Goes Here
Prompt: Which Prompt You're Answering Goes Here
Word Count: The Number of Words Goes Here
Rating: The Rating of Story - All, Teen, Adult
Warnings: Any Warnings Goes Here

X Please place all fic over 100 words behind an lj-cut.

X Flamers will be banned. No exceptions and no tolerance.

X No OT posts. I will allow advertisements for challenge communities/contests/etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me keyne_mckinnon at Email


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